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 One-of-a-Kind  Hand-Painted  

        One-of-a-Kind    Hand-Painted                       Silk Scarves by Amy are ideal!

My One-of-a-Kind and Hand-Painted silk scarves are painted on 100% silk.

Silk is a luxurious, beautiful, and utilitarian natural fiber. 

The painting techniques used are age old batik and serti. Both are forms of painting using resists and dyes to achieve different effects. The process has many steps to include the following:alternating applications of resists and dye; setting of the dye; removal of the resist; and rinsing.

Each piece is designed by me and hand-painted individally. Drips and bleeds are often unavoidable and add to the character and individuality of each piece. 

The images here are  a few examples of the many scarves I have created. No two are exactly alike and none can be replicated exactly. I am constantly updating and creating new designs with new patterns, colorways, and techniques. 

If you love color as I do, my silk scarves will serve your style needs as they luminously match any outfit you deem to pair them with.

Incredibly versatile and sophisticated, my  One-of-a-Kind  Hand-Painted Silk Scarves  will allow you to let your creative light shine at any occasion whether casual or elegant.

The scarves I create come in a variety of sizes of squares and rectangles to fit an individuals needs for use as a design or utilitarian element. 

All of my scarves may be purchased via mycontact Amy  page. I welcome  wholesale inquires.

For any occasion, cool gift, Mothers's Day gift, or a beautiful something special to awaken your wardrobe,

my One-of-a-Kind Hand-Painted Silk Scarves are perfect!