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​​​​​​​​   Amy Rie McGuire                                   

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      My fine art paintings are created from inspirations of my favorite things.

       The sea, landscapes, and my gardens provide me with endless sources of beauty, colors, and forms to capture. Most of these are painted en plein aire- out side and on location. In most cases they are painted ala prima- in one session. All of these paintings are painted using oils or acrylics. 

      Still life is a fantastic way to study a subject, but mostly for me it is a way to combine different objects, colors, and textures. Once set up, a still life takes on a life of it's own pouring forth an abundance of light, shadows, reflections, and juxtapositions of colors and forms. Many of these are painted ala prima and some over the course of days. These are painted in a variety of mediums- oil, watercolor, acrylic.
Beasty Friends are those who have graced my life with their presence and have enlightened me through their character and beauty. Most works here are oil paintings.
      The a
bstract paintingshere are interpretations of vibrations of ideas, thoughts, and desires. They are painted in oil and ala prima.