Welcome to Amy Rie McGuire

fine art gallery and store.

Here you will discover my

interpretation of the wonders of

nature and the beauty which

surrounds us all. The view I have

of it is captured in the visual arts

in the forms of fine art paintings, 

silk scarves, throw pillows,

and greeting cards.

My fine art is varied in subject

matter. Landscapes, seascapes,

my gardens, and all of the flowers

and plants they hold are all

portrayed, as well as the animals

and beasts who share my life. The

abstract works are my interpretation of the vibrational field around me; and of snippets of color, light, shadow, reflection, and design elements from commonplace scenes.

For these paintings and drawings I use a variety of mediums such as oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, graphite pencil, and pen and ink. To see these works go to my Paintings, Pastels, and Drawings pages.

My wearable and functional art is in the forms of silk scarves, silk throw pillows, and greeting cards. The techniques I use to hand paint each scarf and pillow are age old batik and serti. To see and learn more check out my Silks page.

Greeting cards are created from most of my artworks shown on this site and are available on my

Greeting Cards page.

I do hope that you enjoy my view and that you are inspired by it!  Peruse my site and relish the gifts of color, design, and variety that our Creator has bestowed upon us. Peek under a flower. Stare at a wave. Wonder at the mysteries of the universal vibrations which enrapture and surround us.  Let the wonder of the natural world beguile you as much as it does me!

​Amy Rie McGuire

P.S.Contact me  if anything strikes your fancy enough to want to own it or give it to someone special!

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